Wednesday, February 27, 2008

10 Things I hate about you !

I was tagged by Busty Larue and was surpose to write 7 things about myself. Instead I decided to write 10 things I hated about Busty for tagging me. ( good heck I have only been blogging for myself less than a week) Here we go!


1. You have bigger Boobs than I do!

2. You have energy like the energizer bunny and you work at that speed too!

3. You finish all the projects you start. ( unlike me)

4. You play Guitar Hero alot better than I do, ( O ya, I don't play Guitar Hero.)

5. Marshell is so dang cute ! ( And he is not mine)

6. Did I mention you have bigger boobs?

7. You can read 10 books at the same time and not get totally confused.

8. I think in the short time you have been quilting you have made more quilts than me.( It goes back to that finished project thing)

9. Your phone is way cooler than mine.

10. It's that boob thing again. ( I'm not bitter).

Just kidding Busty I love ya and admire all these things about you. your awsome!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Hey! it's me! I am blogging for myself, no guest writer here just little Ole me. We have the Internet throughout the whole house (thanks to Kent & Jackie getting a new computer and wireless Internet) No more standing on your head in the corner of my bedroom holding really still so you don't lose the connection. You are free to roam the house , anywhere you want to be you have the Internet. Now the problem is waiting for your turn to use the computer. so don't get use to me blogging and don't think I am going to blog everyday.( you have heard from me this week) (he he). A Big shout out to Kent & Jackie for providing the Internet!!! (that I doesn't come out of my pocket). THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

I love my Daughter Lynsey

I decided that since I have been saving my mom (Angel) from total ridicule because she set up a blog and never put a post on it. That I would do it for her so I have been blogging for my mom. Not to mention that I have my own blog to worry about Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo. I have been really stressed out because not only do I have to worry about what is being commented on my blog but I have to worry about my moms blog as well. So to make my self feel better I decided I would tell my mom that she loves me in a blog so that the whole 22 people that have viewed her blog can see. So Thank you Lynsey for blogging for me, thank you for being my only daughter, thanks for the grand kids, thanks for coming to the floral shop and pretending like you are helping when actually you are just sitting on your butt. I love you and I love my blog so keep up the good work. Mom

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I love self portraits..... of myself

My Brother in-law and I have a game we love to play, With other people's camera's. The game is that for every picture we take we have to take a self portriat of our selves. We love to play this game at weddings and family functions. We love to wait for the camera owner to look back and see all of the goofy up close portraits of us. they are not always the good. Unlike Steve I do not have 5 chins. Just a really bad case of red eye.

In picture Number 1 my mom is the other face.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Dear Juanita, please come with me to La Casita for Mexican food and a Margarita.
Angel, I thought you needed a picture of Pa on your blog because he is so cute I realize this is alittle out dated but it is a picture. so enjoy. This was taken at Mi Racherito in Payson just thought you would want to know. To everyone else this is a very rare picture Gerald does not usually show his face in pictures, only the top of his head.

Who has time for blogging

Today is Tuesday feburary 19th I am the only one at the shop and I have hair to do at 3:oo. I don't have time to sit here and be creative. Lola told me that she would blog for me but she hasnt. LOLA why wont you blog for me, dang you Lola!!!!! I also have no Idea how to get pictures from my camera on to my laptop so I will soon figure that out and post beautiful pictures of my kids, grandkids, haircuts, and flora. thanks for checking out my blog and hoping that some day I will post.